Find us weekly at the Thankful Thursdays Market in the Midtown/Sears Mall, 10am-6pm.

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Cosset: 1. care for and protect in an overindulgent way.  2. (n) a pet, especially a pet lamb.

Coddle:  1. treat in an indulgent or overprotective way.  2. cook (an egg) in water below the boiling point.


CODDLE & COSSET started in January, 2014 by Lindsay Clark in Vermont and continues today in Anchorage.  Lindsay grew up in Wisconsin and later earned a BA in Human Ecology in Maine; her culinary education is largely of the learn-as-you-earn variety.  A 2002 stint making and selling home-made bread at the Missoula farmers' market launched years of food work: organic vegetable farming, baking, cheesemaking, goat husbandry, more baking, a twirl in NYC working in non-profit food justice, a life-changing handful of years chocolatiering in Alaska, goat milk caramels on a Vermont mountain top, and specialty coffee and floral design in Pittsburgh. A decade’s worth of chocolate work continues today in Anchorage.

The truffles of Coddle & Cosset reflect each of these chapters, as well as their creator, their home, and the season. 

SO WHY "Coddle & Cosset"?  One is for the philosophy and technique Lindsay brings to her truffling, in which each is an individual, a work of art, a little bird.  The other speaks to the act of eating and/or gifting a bundle of chocolate borne of such attention and affection.  

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early Winter 2018 LINE-UP

Lemon Coriander  lemon confit + coriander + pistachios // W

Grapefruit & Bergamot  fresh zest + bergamot extract // W

Turmeric & Cracked Pepper  turmeric + cardamom // W

Caramel Apple apple butter + caramelized white chocolate // cW

The Bleu Cheese Truffle  bleu cheese + tawny port + dried pear // M

Spiced Rum  fresh grated nutmeg + rum // M

Rhubarb & Rose  roasted rhubarb purée + ginger + sitka rose //dM

Tahini  local honey + tahini + toasted sesame seeds // D

Blueberry Basil  fresh basil + blueberry jam // D

Almond Quince  almond butter + membrillo + rose water // D

Raspberry & Chilies  local jam + chilies + cacao nibs // D

Lavender Chèvre  goat cheese + lavender + local honey + nigella seeds // D

Fennel & Nib fennel-infused cream + cacao nibs // D

Juniper Bay  juniper + bay leaf + AK gin // D

The S&P fresh cracked pepper + honey + svaneti salt // D

Bittersweet Birch  birch syrup + chaga + cocoa powder // 100%

* * * * * * * * * * *

  Our truffles are made fresh, without preservatives or sweeteners. 
Store at cool room temperature and enjoy within a week!  

// ( ) = white, milk, dark chocolate


$2.75 each          box of 2 $5.50          box of 4 $10.75         box of 6 $15.50

Please email if interested in ordering!  Bulk and custom available.

Coddle & Cosset bakes, too!